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Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Edged The path in the Community Garden
  • Cut up and removed large pine tree branches from the footpath at Bartholomew Road
  • Swept broken glass from the kerb edge on Lawley Drive
  • Swept the path at Old Park following the damage caused to the green space by contractors
  • Removed 2 plastic bollards from the pool at Old Park
  • Pruned around the steps at the rear of Acer Close
  • Hard pruned along the footpath from Churchward Drive to Teawell Close
  • Replaced a vandalised dog fouling sign by Newdale Pool
  • Removed leaves from the wall line at St John’s Church
  • Filled in ruts on the verge at Arleston Lane
  • Cut back overhang from the St Helier end of the West Centre Way footbridge
  • Removed fly tipped car parts from Cedar Close
  • Removed 2 abandoned highway bollards from the verge at Lawley Drive
  • Swept glass from the footpath at Bartholomew Road
  • Scraped and weeded the footpath on Glendale
  • Litter picked around the pond on Lawley Village Green
  • Litter picked around the pool at Old Park
  • Scraped the footpath on the Trundle back to the edging board
  • Cut back overhanging roses at the rear of Thomas Telford School


Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Small fly tip removed from Arleston Lane
  • Fallen branches removed from the Community Garden
  • Removed a fly tip from Ironbridge Way by the old tram bridge
  • Removed a fallen branch from the grass verge on West Centre Way
  • Cut up and removed a fallen Pine tree from Old Park Way
  • Cut up and removed a fallen Pine tree from the roundabout at Old Park
  • Removed a fly tip from the car park at Princes End
  • Retrieved a grit bin from the grass bank at Avondale and replaced it on the roadside
  • Collected the noticeboard from Horsehay and installed it in the Community Garden
  • Removed fallen branches from The Trundle footpath
  • Reported a fly tip in Lawley Square to the landowner


The following applications have been received:

TWC/2017/1019 Site of Upway Cottage, The Rock Erection of a dormer bungalow with gated access

TWC/2017/1037 Northern Quarter, Telford Shopping Centre  Installation of 2 illuminated fascia signs

TWC/2017/1042  McDonalds Restaurants, Telford Shopping Centre  Installation of a 47 inch LCD promotional screen and illuminated sign

TWC/2017/1043  McDonalds Restaurants, Telford Shopping Centre  Installation of a replacement shop front

TWC/2018/0004  Site of 1 – 30 Powis Place, Dawley Bank  Variation of Condition 8 to amend the layout and reduce to 19 dwellings.

TWC/2018/0016  33 Lower Wood, The Rock  Erection of a first floor extension over the garage

Further details can be found by entering the full reference number into the link to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Planning website on our main Planning page.



Cold Callers and Distraction Burglary Advice

Police and Trading Standards often receive reports of traders cold calling at the door and telling residents that they need work to be done to their home or garden, for example that their roof or guttering are damaged or their trees are unsafe and need work. The work has then been badly done or sometimes the price has jumped by ten times because the trader “helpfully” found other things that also needed to be fixed!

We also receive reports about cold callers offering to do gardening work, driveways or roof cleaning. In some driveway cleaning cases the traders have persuaded the customer to have the back patio cleaned as well as the front drive, causing the price to jump up hugely from the original estimate.

Trading Standards and Police advise that you never have work done by anyone who cold calls. No reputable trader ever approaches a customer in this way.
It is a good idea to display a “No Cold Callers” sticker in your window and turn away any callers you don’t know, if possible without opening the door.

If you think your home or garden needs work, please use a trader recommended by a neighbour or friend or call the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506 to find a reputable local trader, approved by Trading Standards. You should also obtain three quotes to check the price is competitive and the work really needs doing – never rely on the word of a single trader.

Any contracts over £42 that are agreed in a customer’s home are subject to 14 day cooling off rights. The homeowner must be given written information about their right to cancel, about the identity of the trader who is doing the work and the total cost of the work to be carried out. A statement on a flyer or business card about a 14 day cooling off period is not enough. If the customer requires the work to start within the 14 day cooling off period, they must authorise this in writing.

Distraction Burglary

These are committed by cold callers using a distraction to gain access to an address. For example a person posing as a water board official who knocks on the door and states there is a problem with your water supply and they need to check your water through the taps. Whilst the person walks through with you to check the water and runs the the tap, his associate will sneak in and go through your possessions. The sound of the water will distract any noise from your attention.

This type of crime is often aimed at the elderly and vulnerable.


Check with the company they represent
“No Cold Callers” stickers can be obtained from your local policing team or from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau.



Police are asking Telford residents to stay vigilant after a series of attempted ‘distraction thefts’

Five incidents that we believe to be related have been reported across Telford. All took place on Wednesday 17 January between about 3.30pm and 7pm.

During these incidents a man – in three cases a group of two or three men – visited the home of an elderly or vulnerable person and falsely claimed to be from a water supplier, investigating a burst pipe or similar emergency. This claim has been an attempt to gain access to the property.

In four of these incidents, access to the property was granted by the residents. It appears that the visitors then searched the properties. One of the residents later noticed that some of their possessions were missing.

While these incidents are being investigated there will be an increased police presence in the area. Officers are conducting house-to-house enquiries and are also urging residents to come forward if they have seen or heard anything suspicious.

Detective Sergeant Jonathan Taylor said: “We believe that these are incidents of distraction theft, where a bogus visitor pretends to be an official to gain access to a home, then steals from the occupant. In general, these thieves can be very convincing and will go a long way to make you think they have a legitimate reason for being there.

“Please remember that officials from gas, electricity, phone and water companies shouldn’t need to come into your home (for example, to test water pressure or repair a leak), even in an emergency. If for some reason they do need access, they should always send you a letter in advance to make an appointment. They should also invite you to check their ID card when they visit.
“If you’re in any doubt at all about a doorstep visitor, shut the door to them (don’t feel rude, legitimate staff will understand) while you phone the company they claim to be from and verify that the visitor is genuine. Use a phone number you know to be correct – not one the visitor gives you.

“If you live around Telford and you know an elderly or vulnerable person who might benefit from this information, please let them know to be vigilant about bogus visitors.”
If you’ve seen or heard something you think might be relevant to this investigation, please phone the police non-emergency number 101. Or, to report information anonymously, please phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit