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War Memorial Public Consultation

The Parish covers the area of Lawley & Overdale  serving the local community of Lawley Village, Overdale, Lawley Bank, Dawley Bank, The Rock, Old Park, Newdale and everywhere in between and the War Memorial will serve all of these areas.

Various sites for the location of a Memorial have been investigated by the working group which include residents, Council members, Borough Councillors and representation from the Royal British Legion prior to going out to consultation – things that had to be taken into account were land ownership, accessibility and suitability of ground conditions. Two locations were decided upon to go out to public consultation – the location needs to be determined as the starting point to move this project forward.

The consultation is on social media but will also be conducted by volunteers outside Morrison’s over the weekend asking people for their preferred location, info/maps placed in local shops on Overdale, Dawley Bank and on community pages and by volunteers in the Old Park area of the Parish.

No decisions have been made on a preferred location hence this consultation.

We welcome any constructive comments from residents – the alternatives of Martingale Circle & the Village Green  put forward by residents were all considered by the group prior to this consultation

We need as many residents as possible to take part in the consultation and thank you in advance for doing so.





The Parish Council has been approached by residents and the local History Group to look at placing an outdoor War Memorial in the local area as currently there are only indoor memorials in various locations across the Parish and as it is the Centenary of the end of WW1 in 2018, we felt that this would be a fitting mark of Remembrance for this and all other conflicts that have seen local families lose loved ones.

We have two locations in mind:

War Memorial proposed locations

Location One: Land off Tom Morgan Close, Lawley which has been taken over from T&W Council by the Parish and a Community Garden is in the process of been created and could also be home to a War Memorial.

Location Two:  The open space behind the Grazing Cow at Newdale in between the block paved area and before you reach the pool.

We value your thoughts on the location of the Memorial and thank you for your time in taking part in this consultation.

This is also on FB & Twitter so please complete the poll or email with your preferred location.

Thank you