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Information re use of Nitrous Oxide capsules/cannisters

Information received from Telford & Wrekin Council:

As you may be aware this issue has been highlighted in the local press ( We feel it is important to share the attached information for the benefit of our young people.

The attached information has been sent to designated safeguarding leads for all schools and has also been shared with Recharge , the young people’s service and school nurses.

In addition we have made contact with Harper Adams and Telford College who will share the information with students, briefing information and links will be going out on twitter and other social media channels to raise awareness to the wider community, carers and parents.

Tony Mercer, West Midlands health and wellbeing programme manager for Public Health England, warned using nitrous oxide had serious risks. Effects could include dizziness, confusion, loss of co-ordination, sound distortions and hallucinations. The substance has been linked to a number of deaths.


Temporary Road Closures – A442 Queensway & Rampart Way, Telford Town Centre

Please find attached information that outlines the traffic management arrangements for temporary road closures along A442 Queensway, Telford Town Centre between Wombridge Interchange and Hollinswood Interchange including slip roads onto the A442 Queensway and Rampart Way, Telford Town Centre.

Balfour Beatty on behalf of Telford and Wrekin Council are planning to undertake works as part of the footbridge replacement project. Road closures will be required on the A442 Queensway Northbound between Hollinswood Interchange and Greyhound Roundabout and the A442 Queensway Southbound between Wombridge Interchange and Hollinswood Interchange and are set to commence on Wednesday 12th September 2018 and will last for a duration of 7 days with anticipated re-opening of the road before the AM peak on Tuesday 18th September 2018.

There will also be a full road closure on Rampart Way to facilitate the lift on Saturday 15th September 2018 and will last for a duration of 1 night between the hours of 20:00pm and 8:00am with an end date of Sunday 16th September 2018. 

Please see our website for more details regarding the footbridge project

The diversion routes for vehicular traffic travelling in all directions will be as per below plan.

Temporary road closure along Station Road, Lawley Bank

Please find attached information that outlines the traffic management arrangements for a temporary road closure along Station Road, Lawley Bank

Telford and Wrekin Borough Council are planning to undertake resurfacing works. The work is set to commence on Wednesday 12th September 2018 and will last for a duration of 10 days with an end date of Friday 21st September 2018. 

The diversion route for vehicular traffic travelling south easterly will be via Hunters Rise, West Centre Way, Old Park Roundabout, Milners Lane. For vehicular traffic travelling north westerly vice versa.

Also details of a temporary bus diversion for the period of 12th to 21st September

180912 TC2-0075 Station Road Lawley Bank notice

The Parish Council Response to Planning Application TWC/2018/0601 – Lawley Development Phases 5 & 9

The Parish Council are concerned at a number of the details included in this application. We have submitted a Call In Notice to Telford and Wrekin Council which means that the application must be formally discussed at Planning Committee.

Extracts from the Call In Notice are below:

To the Chair and Members of Planning Committee; we request that the above application be considered by members at Planning Committee for the following reasons:

  • Highways issues – unacceptable impact of additional traffic on the local road network and the Primary School
  • Public Rights Of Way – 5 well used and long established PROWs are directly affected by the proposals, including the Wrekin Way. 4 are not mentioned in the supporting documentation despite 2 of them being designated safer routes to school and 2 being main pedestrian routes to Lawley Square from The Rock.
  • Community Facilities – no community facility has been provided within the Lawley Development
  • Trees and Landscaping – insufficient and contradictory information submitted regarding the number of trees affected
  • Ground Conditions – site investigation reports accompanying the application are over 6 years old and the site requires further investigation
  • Ecology – insufficient and out of date information provided

We believe that the proposal conflicts with various planning policies including Telford and Wrekin Council’s own Local Plan as follows:

C3 – the cumulative negative impact of 3 major planning applications on Rock Road

NE2 – impact on trees and hedgerows is significant and not adequately mitigated

COM 1 – No new community facility has been provided or proposed as part of the Lawley Development

BE9 – Out of date and inadequate site investigation reports do not demonstrate long term ground stability