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Update on Waste/Recycling collections

Information received from Telford & Wrekin Council:

Collection crews have continued today to catch up with all collection services. They are making good progress in difficult conditions. They aim to have all red top bin collections caught up by the end of this week and only a small margin remaining for the recycling service, to collect on Monday. Then collections should all be up-to-date, weather permitting.

We will continue to keep all updated and the message to residents is still:-

  • Please put containers due to be collected out on your usual collection day.
  • If crews don’t manage to collect on your scheduled day, please leave your red top bin, purple top bin and your blue bag out in a safe place and they will be collected as soon as possible. 
  • If your green bin isn’t collected, please take it back in and put it out on your next scheduled collection date.
  • Pre-arranged assisted collections will also be undertaken by the crews where possible.

Recycling & Waste Collections Update

Message received from Telford & Wrekin Council:

Unfortunately recycling and waste collections have been disrupted due to the recent extreme weather conditions

Based on the current weather forecast we are hoping  to be collecting recycling and waste today Wednesday 13 December.

While it is our intention to carry out collections from as many properties as possible, due to the severe weather conditions we’ve experienced and remaining snow and ice on the ground, some areas may be inaccessible. We will ensure that collections are made from all properties that have experienced a delay as soon as were are able.

The message that has been actively communicated to customers remains the same:-

Due to the current bad weather it might not be possible for your recycling and waste containers to be collected on the day it is scheduled.  If this is the case, please leave your red top bin, purple  bin and blue bag out in a safe place and we will collect them as soon as possible. Please take your green bin back in and put it out on your next scheduled collection date”

Once again we thank everyone for their patience and will continue to keep everyone updated.

Think before you drink before you drive!

Think before you drink before you drive!

Don’t risk a drink drive conviction this Christmas

Motorists across Warwickshire and West Mercia are being reminded of the dangers of driving under the influence of drink or drugs during the festive period.

Enforcing the drink and drug drive law is a 24/7 commitment for both Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Forces. This will be reflected by the police officers and increased enforcement at all times of the day and night. Since the launch of the campaign on 01/12/17 and until 10/12/17 so far, there have been 116 arrests for drink/drug drive offences across the Alliance.
There is no foolproof way of calculating how much you can drink and remain under the limit, or knowing how much an individual person can drink and still drive safely. Importantly, it is hard to calculate how long alcohol may stay in your body if you are driving the morning after so the safest option if you are driving is to drink no alcohol at all. There are plenty of alternatives available with public transport, taxis and sharing designated drivers. Pedestrians are also being encouraged to stay safe during the festive season and to plan safe routes home and to drink responsibly.
Figures indicate that, over the past 3 years 13 people were killed and 109 seriously injured in West Mercia alone following collisions where drink or drugs were recorded as a contributory factor.
Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans for West Mercia Police comments: “There are still people out there who feel they can gamble with drinking and driving and think they know how much the limit is. Cracking down on those who take drugs or drink and then decide to drive is a year round commitment for us. However, we are very aware the festive season can present opportunities where people are tempted to drive under the influence. To combat this, extra patrols will be conducted in the run up to and over Christmas and New Year in a bid to tackle those who commit the unacceptable act of drinking or drug driving. The simple fact is, there is only one way of being sure that you are safe to drive and that is not to drink at all.”
Think before you drink before you drive!


We recently advertised two Councillor vacancies for our Parish Council and we are delighted to announce that Sheila Slaney, a local resident, expressed an interest in filling one of the vacancies and has been appointed as a Co-opted Councillor on our Parish Council.

A warm welcome to Sheila from all in Lawley & Overdale Parish  – we look forward to working with you!