Cold snap creates a Fall!


         The recent cold snap has taken its toll on the fascia brickwork at Lawley Community Centre. Fortunately there were no children in the Play Area when the brickwork came down. It has been reported to TWC who have sent out Contractors to clear away debris and remove any other loose brickwork from the frontage. The building is safe for users but the play area is out of bounds until a proper assessment has been completed



The Farmhouse –  the roof is done and tiled and the chimney stacks done. The majority of the new bay windows have been installed – in addition to the large bay windows in the front room and kitchen both have double doors into the garden beyond. The plumbing for the property has been done as well as the initial electrical wiring. All the rooms have been sub-divided with additional walls – the lower level will have a study, kitchen, dining and living room. The cellar has also been done. The stairs are in situ and the upper bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms and toilets for the main bedrooms are in place.

For the exterior, once the scaffolding has been taken down after all the windows are sealed and glass added, there will be cleaning work done to tidy up the brickwork. Work will then focus on the annex. The exterior boundary wall for the garden has been completed on the north side with the east wall to be started next. Work is still progressing on the pond area as construction of additional properties has started on the former "open space".

We will visit site again early in 2013 and give an update.The old wing has now been demolished and the new foundation footprint has been laid and completed. There was a few weeks delay during the demolition due to pockets of methane but this has been rectified. Work has commenced on the building of the annex.