A Community Act of Remembrance

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council invites you to join us this Remembrance Sunday for our Community Act of Remembrance, where we will honour the heroes of past and present who gave their lives in service to their country.

The Lawley War Memorial, where Remembrance services are usually held. It is a tall, irregular black structure with models of poppies climbing up the side. A set of plaques are mounted on the far side with rolls of honour.Remembrance Sunday was originally conceived to commemorate the end of World War One (WW1), a horrific conflict that cost the lives of more than 950,000 servicemen from the United Kingdom and its colonies, and up to an estimated 23 million deaths globally. It fell on Armistice Day, 11 November, to mark the date when the first armistice was signed between the Allied and Central powers.

WW1 was dubbed “the War to End all Wars”, but unfortunately it was anything but.

21 years after the end of WW1, World War Two (WW2) began. Almost 400,000 servicemen from the United Kingdom and its colonies gave their lives in this devastating conflict, with the total global death toll estimated to be as high as up to 85 million.

In the wake of WW2, it was decided that Remembrance Sunday would fall on the second Sunday of November, in commemoration of both World Wars.

Today, Remembrance Sunday honours the memories of not just those heroes, but the many heroes of all subsequent conflicts. It is a time to remember their service and sacrifice, and to remind ourselves of the horrors of war.

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council’s Community Act of Remembrance will be held from 10:45am on 14 November 2021, at the Lawley War Memorial. This year’s service will be non-religious, and we welcome people of all and no faiths to join us in honouring the memories of our fallen servicemen and women from the 20th century and beyond.

It will feature readings of works such as In Flanders Fields and The Soldier, renditions of the Last Post and The Reveille played by Ivor Evans, and there will be a two minutes’ silence at 11am.

There will be a wreath-laying ceremony after the two minutes’ silence. Representatives will be in attendance from Lawley Primary School, Lawley Village Academy, 1st Lawley Brownies, West Mercia Police, the Veterans’ Breakfast Club, and the Lawley Scouts Group. If you would like to represent your organisation at the event, please do get in touch with us and let us know.

Anybody who wishes to lay their own wreaths will be welcome to do so after the service, although we would ask you to source wreaths yourselves.

We hope to see many of you join us in this Community Act of Remembrance.

Lest we forget.

How to find the War Memorial