Silent Soldiers

To mark the centenary of the end of World War One, in 2018 the Royal British Legion invited the public to take part by saying “thank you” to the First World War generation who served, sacrificed, and rebuilt the nation.

One of their projects was the ‘Silent Soldier‘ campaign. This involved placing life-size silhouettes of First World War ‘Tommy’ soldiers on buildings and other structures.

In support of the Thank You movement, Lawley and Overdale Parish Council is pleased to announce that we have installed two ‘Silent Soldiers’ within the parish.

One Silent Soldier is on permanent display outside the Parish Office (seen to the right).

The other Silent Soldier is displayed at Newdale School.


Silent Soldier at Newdale School

Bob and Jayne at Newdale School's Silent Soldier display

Bob and Jayne at the Newdale School Silent Soldier display.

The Parish Council has installed a Silent Soldier at Newdale Primary School.

It was placed alongside the school’s Poppy Rocks display at the school entrance.

Our special thanks go to Bob from the Parish Environmental Team, for installing the soldier in what proved to be very hard ground!