Lawley Community Centre

Lawley Community Centre is located within what remains of the original Lawley Board School, opened in 1877 with admissions of 78 mixed pupils and 20 infants in separate departments. By 1884, the building’s interior had been amended to combine departments, with school attendance levels rising to an average of 200 by the 1900’s.

The school remained an all-age school until 1965 when seniors were relocated to secondary schools. In 1980, Lawley Primary School utilised the original Victorian building and several external classrooms.

Today, the remaining part of the original building – incorporating the former assembly hall – serves as a community centre. Within the hall are two wall plaques. One commemorates 19 former pupils who served in the Great War (1914-1918) and the other to 5 former pupils who served in World War Two.

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Lawley Community Centre
Areleston Lane