Lawley and Overdale Parish Council holds regular ‘Full Council’ meetings. It is at these meetings that our councillors discuss issues that have been raised by residents and vote on decisions.  These meetings are open to the public, and we publish all of the agendas and minutes from these meetings on our website.

A full schedule for the upcoming year’s meetings can be found below. The next meeting is in bold.

Please be advised that due to the uncertainties, restrictions, and hazards arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the venues of all of our uncoming meetings are now unconfirmed.

Meetings since April have been held virtually, and this is likely to continue in the future. We will update this page accordingly. The venue of the next meeting shall be made clear on the agendas page.

If you wish to take part in a virtual Full Council meeting, please contact us for details.

The Parish Council also has a Planning Committee. Minutes from their meetings can be downloaded from the Planning Committee minutes page.

Full Council meetings timetable – 2020 – 2021

Thursday 11 June 2020Full Council6pm – venue to be confirmed
Thursday 23 July 2020Full Council6pm – venue to be confirmed
Thursday 10 September 2020Full Council6pm – Virtual
Thursday 8 October 2020Full Council6pm – Virtual
Thursday 12 November 2020Full Council6pm – Virtual
Thursday 10 December 2020Full Council6pm – Virtual
Thursday 21 January 2021Full Council6pm – Virtual
Thursday 18 February 2021Full Council6pm – Unconfirmed
Thursday 18 March 2021Full Council6pm – Unconfirmed
Thursday 15 April 2021Full Council6pm – Unconfirmed
Thursday 13 May 2021Full Council6pm – Unconfirmed


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