Welcome to the official Lawley and Overdale Parish Council website.

Lawley and Overdale Parish Council logoLawley and Overdale Parish Council is governed by eight elected councillors. These councillors serve the Telford communities of Lawley Village, Overdale, The Rock, Old Park, Newdale, and everywhere in between.

Our councillors give up their time voluntarily to represent the residents of the parish. Details of their monthly meetings can be found here. Alternatively, they can be obtained on request by visiting our office.

The Parish Council office is located on the corner of Lawley Square, and its opening hours are between 10am and 2pm, from Monday to Friday.

Please note that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, for the safety of staff and visitors the Parish Council office is currently closed to the public

To make an appointment to meet the Parish Clerk outside of office opening hours, please call 01952 507865. Alternatively, send an email to clerk@lawleyoverdale.org.uk.

If you would like to know more about your local council, or how we can help you and your community, call in to see us today.

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