Pupil’s plea to pick up the poop

Pupils from Newdale Primary School were invited to take part in a competition to design street signs to encourage local dog owners to pick up after their pets. The initiative was in response to complaints from residents about the increase in dog fouling within the local area.

The partnership project between Newdale Primary School, Safer Stronger Communities at Telford and Wrekin Council, along with Councillor Pride Funding from Councillor Mark Boylan and match funding from Lawley & Overdale Parish Council hopes to encourage cleaner streets in the area, especially those on the routes to and from the school.

Whilst Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers undertake patrols and can issue a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice, it is hoped that the pupil’s signs would encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets.

The chosen designs

The pastoral team at Newdale Primary School hold a colouring club every lunchtime and pupils across all years were encouraged to take part.

Councillors Mark Boylan and Emma Holding, along with Simon Haydon from the Safer Stronger Communities team at Telford and Wrekin Council were so impressed with the pupils efforts that they found it hard to pick between them. As a result, they took parts from each of the seven designs and amalgamated them into the final two.

image of a child holding a dog on a lead

image of a tree, a child with a dog, the sun and dog mess.





Councillor Mark Boylan stated “that it was great to involve the younger generation to set an example to othersand Councillor Emma Holding commented that “it was so difficult to choose between the designs, as it was clear that the pupils had worked so hard“.

The seven pupils who took part in the project received a gift voucher from Councillor Mark Boylan and an activity pass from Telford and Wrekin Council.

The signs have now been produced and are due to be installed around the area shortly.

photo of 4 adults and 2 children standing against a wall

Photo: (left to right) Miss Cooper (teacher), Councillor Mark Boylan, George (student) Connor (student), Councillor Emma Holding and Simon Haydon (Safer Stronger Communities, Telford & Wrekin Council)

Standard stock logoSafer Stronger logo including the figure of a houseSchool logo of children playing with a ball next to a tree in the sunshine
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