Parish and ward elections

Local elections for parish and ward councillors were held in the borough of Telford & Wrekin on Thursday 4 May 2023. Here’s everything you need to know.

Download the Notice of Election for Parish & Ward Councillors (.pdf, 93 KB)

Election results

You can see the election results on Telford & Wrekin Council’s website.

New ward boundaries

This May will see the introduction of revised boundaries to the electoral wards across the borough and the parish, following the findings of a boundary review that began June 2021.

The new wards are detailed below.

You can download maps of the new electoral wards from Telford & Wrekin Council’s website.

Parish seats

Parish wardSeats
Lawley Common1
Lawley East3
Town Centre1
Overdale & The Rock2
Lawley West1

Ward seats

You can download a complete list of the updated ward seats for the Borough of Telford & Wrekin from Telford & Wrekin Council’s website.

Photo ID requirement

The May 2023 elections will be the first to require a valid form of photo ID, following the introduction of the requirement by the UK government.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • A UK or Northern Ireland photocard driving licence (full or provisional).
  • A driving licence issued by the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands.
  • A UK passport.
  • A passport issued by the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or a Commonwealth country.
  • A PASS card (National Proof of Age Standards Scheme).
  • A Blue Badge.
  • A biometric residence permit (BRP).
  • A Defence Identity Card (MOD form 90).
  • A national identity card issued by the EU, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein
  • A Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card.
  • A Voter Authority Certificate.
  • An Anonymous Elector’s Document.

You can also use one of the following travel passes as photo ID when you vote:

If you don’t have any of these, you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate online.

Polling stations

These are the polling stations that will be opening in the parish, where you may go to vote in person:

  • Carpenter Centre, Overdale (Overdale and The Rock Ward)
  • Horsehay Village Golf Club, Lawley (Lawley Borough Ward)
  • Anytime Fitness, Lawley (opposite the Grazing Cow) (Lawley Borough Ward)
  • Lawley Community Centre, Lawley, next to the primary school (Lawley Borough Ward)

Register to vote

You are not automatically registered to vote – you must manually register to do so.

You can register to vote online at You will need to have your National Insurance Number ready.

If you have recently changed your address or name, you must also update your details online.

Postal votes

If you are unable to reach a polling station, or feel unsafe doing so, you can apply for a postal vote.

The deadline to register to vote by post is 11 days before polling day.

You can register for a postal vote on the website.

Proxy votes

A proxy vote allows you to have somebody you trust cast your vote on your behalf.

You may be eligible for a proxy vote if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You have a disability.
  • You are away on an educational course.
  • You are away for work.
  • You are registered as an overseas voter.
  • You work overseas for the British Council or as a Crown servant.
  • You are serving overseas in the Armed Forces.

You can apply to vote by proxy on the Electoral Commission website.