Best Garden Competition

Promotional poster for the Lawley and Overdale Best Garden CompetitionWhile you may not believe it from looking out of your window, it is technically summer in the United Kingdom at the moment. So what better time to launch the Lawley and Overdale Best Garden Competition?

As we’ve all been stuck at home due to the lockdown, many people have taken to gardening to pass the time. For many, tending to their gardens has become a source of comfort during these difficult times.

But regardless of whether gardening is your long-time passion or your newfound hobby, we want to see your bloomin’ hard work!

Is your garden an idyllic paradise, a natural wonderland, or a carefully-structured work of art? Then nominate it for the Lawley and Overdale Best Garden Competition!

How does it work?

We want you to send us three photographs of your chosen garden.

There are four garden categories you can enter:

  1. Best Front Garden Some houses are fronted by meticulously cared-for gardens, which everybody can see and enjoy. If the garden you’re entering into the competition is in front of the house, it’ll go into this category.
  2. Best Back Garden –  Much like the Best Front Garden, but on the opposite side of the house.  If your back garden is your passion, enter it into this category.
  3. Most Creative Use of Space – If your garden is small, but you’ve used that space to its fullest, enter into this category. Even if you don’t have a garden at all, but you’ve made up for it with window boxes, planters, or the like, you can enter this category as well!
  4. Best Young Gardener – Not all horticulturalists are grown-ups. If your child is a breath-taking botanist in their own right, this category is especially for them!

You can either enter your own garden, or nominate a friend or family member’s garden.

How do I enter?

Entries are now closed. Thanks to everybody who took part – watch this space, as we’ll be announcing the winners soon!