Annual Report 2012/2013


Annual Report

“The past year has been one of continued change within Lawley & Overdale. Whilst the ongoing, and in many ways, deepening, economic issues have been apparent and noticeable, the considerable development has continued to radically alter the landscape”.

This paragraph is as relevant this year as it was last year with ongoing problems caused by the Parish wide development. Whilst not wishing to linger on all of the issues in detail these have caused, and are causing, the Parishioners and the Parish considerable angst. Not the least of these is the ongoing scenario around Lawley School in particular where the historic concerns of the Parish when the development was first planned have proved entirely accurate. We continue, however, to recognise that it is what it is and work with Partners to find an improved scenario.

Because of restructuring of Telford & Wrekin organisation and use of buildings, the Parish no longer manages The Carpenter Centre (we do however have an office there) and we have ongoing negotiations with Telford & Wrekin with regard to the Lawley Community Centre. We hope that this will be resolved in the next few months. The Parish Council is looking to move into a new, more centrally located office in Lawley Square in the next couple of months.

We are in the process of exploring new initiatives including 21 open green spaces and their preservation for the future. These form part of the History Trail (PROW’s included) that is in its advanced stages of planning, for both Parishioners and visitors to the area.  We hope that with the partners we have identified that these sites may be improved/protected for the benefit of all.

We continue to be mindful of the economic issues facing everyone and to this end all future initiatives will be carefully costed and sponsorship will be sought to assist with any costs.

We anticipate an interesting and eventful year where we can all make a positive impact.


Councillor Alan Hussey


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