Concerns about speed and noise on Lawley Drive

We have received a number of complaints about the speed which some drivers travel along Lawley Drive and these have been raised with both the Police and TWC. A response from TWC was as follows:

·        " The speed limit along Lawley Drive was originally designed by consultants working for Ironstone. At 30mph this proved to be too low given the width of the carriageway and the delay in the frontage development brought on by the recession. Speed enforcement by the Police was deemed inappropriate at this artificially low speed and we were asked to raise the speed limit to 40mph. The revised 40mph speed limit has now removed the issue of speeding by the majority of drivers. (85%ile) and this is likely to remain until such time as the scale of planned development triggers a review. It is expected that when the review takes place a 30mph speed limit will be reinstated. "

This does not take into account the 'boy racers' that use Lawley Drive like a race track with music blaring  and engines revving at all hours of the night and this is very troublesome for residents in the vicinity. We have reported this to the local Police and requested that they monitor it and enforce the limits where possible.

Please continue to raise any concerns that you have with us and report them to the police on 101.




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