We have been approached by a number of concerned residents regarding the recent additions of litter/dog waste bins on Phase 1A of the Lawley Development. Whilst this has nothing to do with the Parish Council we are trying to assist residents who have asked for our help.

The locations of the bins was agreed back in 2003/2004 as part of the planning process for the development and the plans have been in the public domain ever since so this is not something new.

It appears that Persimmon are installing the bins, the locations of which are shown on the approved plans  1A litter bins             

Advice received from T&W Planning department – they have said that technically there is no justification for the Council to seek the relocation of any bins as they are located at the agreed positions. 

They have advised that if residents want to pursue the matter, please submit details of the exact locations of the particular bins causing most concern and the specific reasons why residents want them relocated – just because they are outside someone’s property is not a reason.  To deviate from the approved plan needs good reason and we are not aware at this time of any reasons to do so.

The Parish Council have spoken to Persimmon, T&W Planning Department and T&W Public Realm (The bins will be adopted by TWC in due course) and are to have a site visit w/c 12th August to look at locations of the bins.

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