Wellfield Cottage Planning Application Granted

Please see the attached decision notice regarding the Wellfield Cottage application that has caused concern amongst local residents. Those residents not directly consulted by TWC were given the opportunity of putting their concern in writing to Planning Department. Unfortunately no written concerns/complaints were received and a decision has been taken to grant the application with conditions attached as explained in the decision notice. This will assist in addressing some of the concerns raised as it will be monitored by the enforcement officer at TWC and they will also fall under Ofsted inspections to ensure that numbers of children/carers is at the agreed level.

We have spoken to planning department and without written evidence of residents concerns there was no moral weight to take it to Planning Committee for a decision to be made but even then there were no planning matters that would have had any effect upon any decision that was made.

If you have any concerns once this social care environment is underway then please let either ourselves or Planning Department know.

TWC-2013-0510 Decision Notice

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