Shambolic roadworks on West Centre Way

The roadworks on West Centre way are proving to be shambles! The work is under the management  National Grid / British Gas and has been on now for over 3 weeks. We have had dialogue with TWC highways who were not aware of the works initially but are now involved. The main support has been received from Lawley Village Developer Group who have tirelessly challenged why the works are being carried out causing great disruption to the local area.

Taken from an email sent to National Grid:

“As requested previously can you please refer this matter back to whoever is responsible at National Grid and get them to explain exactly why this work is being carried out now given that the Birse contract was completed six years ago and understand from your site operative Scott that there is no leak on the main. We also need to know why no advance warning was given to anyone regarding this work.”

No explanation has been forthcoming at this time.

The only response received is:

“Due to difficulties on site regarding the location and depth of the gas main at the junction of Lawley Drive (A5223) and West Centre Way the work cannot be carried out as per the current scope of works. Following discussions with the local Senior Traffic and Street Works Engineer we will be closing down the current works. It is proposed to redesign our scope of works to replace a longer span of pipe to the gas governor on the other side of Lawley Drive in Pepper Mill. This work will take place at a later date.”

This seems to say that the disruption over the last 4 weeks and continuing is to no avail and we can look forward to more disruption in the near future! If we do get an explanation why the works are being carried out we will let you know!


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