Local Elections

You will most likely know about the up and coming General Election on the 7th of May, but did you know that you will also have the opportunity to vote for your Local and Borough Councillors at the same time?

At Lawley and Overdale Parish Council we have space for 8 Councillors representing you across 4 wards: Dawley Bank, Central, Lawley and Lawley West.

Dawley Bank has been uncontested, this means that Darren Blackburn, current Vice-Chair of Lawley and Overdale Parish Council will return for another 4 years service. The other 3 wards, however, are in your hands.

Nominees for Central Ward (4 Vacancies) 
Deb Crane
(Current Central Ward Councillor) (Liberal Democrats)
Charles Anthony Dillon
(Labour Party)
Gary Lee Duncombe
(Labour Party)
Bill Gilmour
Jayne Greenaway
Alan Hussey
(Current Central Ward Councillor and Chair of the Parish Council) (Independent)
Amrik Singh Jhawar
(Labour Party)

Nominees for Lawley Ward (2 Vacancies)
Kevin Guy
(Labour Party)
Martyn John Jobe
(Liberal Democrats)
Richard Ernest John Long
(Current Lawley Councillor) (Independent)
Mike Phillips
(Labour Party)
Angela Roberts
Peter Roberts

Nominees for Lawley West Ward (1 Vacancy)
Tony Fyfield
Robert Edward Parker
(Current Lawley West Councillor) (Independent)

A poll will be taken on Thursday the 7th May between 7am and 10pm, and you will be able to vote for who you would prefer to represent you Locally, Borough-wide and at National level.

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