Update on the Lawley Square Concerns

Update on the Lawley Square concerns
There was a site meeting held yesterday regarding the unfinished ‘mess’ in Lawley Square.
We have been given an update by the developers/contractors that the fencing at the top of the square will be removed by the end of next week (14th August) as the top surface dressing that has been missing for the the past 9 months can finally be laid – this work will be weather permitting as it has to be dry to complete:) that’s the good news – moving on from that is that there is to be highway works in the square to address the drainage issues as ‘puddling’ occurs due the levels not being correct so this has to be remedied – we do not have a schedule of works for this yet but will keep you informed when we know.
The battered bollards will also be replaced and (at long last) the trees will get some attention! They will be replacing two of them and planting them correctly (I hope!) with a watering regime to be organised via the managing agents.
We will of course be monitoring what is happening and doing our very best to ensure the square gets the attention it so badly needs to be a pleasant place once again.
Thank you to all the residents and retailers that have put pressure, along with ourselves, on the developers and let them know that we care and want the Square to be the place we know it can be.

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