Lawley Village Photography Competition 2015 Results

The 2015 Lawley Village Photography Competition, ‘Loving Life in Lawley’ run by the Developer Group has concluded.

After all of the votes have been cast, the winners and runners up are as below:

Adult category

1st – Frank Lowe, who has been awarded £500 for his scenic shot of a picturesque pond at Lawley.

2nd – Tim Growcott, who has won £100 for his two artistic photos which received the same amount of points from the judges – one of Lawley Village at night time, and one of a hot air balloon over a misty local landscape.

12 to 18-year-olds category

1st – Katie Kinnon has reclaimed her title this year and wins the top prize of a £100 gift voucher for her creative shot of a teenager enjoying life at Lawley Village.

2nd –  Regan Capes has been awarded a £50 gift voucher thanks to the 16-year-old’s photograph of the new homes at the development.

Under 11s category

1st – Dylan Guy has won a £100 gift voucher for capturing an image of two youngsters having fun at the Lawley Village sign on a sunny day.

2nd – Joel Crabbe for his unique image of the new homes as seen through a looking glass. Joel takes home a £50 voucher for his efforts.

Please see the winning images here:


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