Update on Newdale Play Area

Please note the play area is owned and managed by Lawley Village Developer Group. If you require any additional information please call them on 01952 630582.

In response to the large number of enquiries we are receiving about the closure of the Play Area we have contacted the Developer Group for an update.

The situation is that equipment on the Play Area was vandalised a few weeks ago and over £2,500 of damage was caused. ROSPA have since visited the Play Area and have ordered that it be closed on the grounds of health & safety until repairs have been carried out and the Rope Bridge has been replaced. This work, including the ordering and installation of the necessary new equipment, is likely to take up to another 8 weeks.

 As this is not the first time that the Play Area has been vandalised the Parish Council would encourage anyone who has information about this incident, or who witnesses suspicious activity in future, to contact the local Police on 101.


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