Fly Tipping

The PET Team have removed 5 fly tips from around Lawley and Rock Road in the last week and a further large scale fly tip at Newdale has been reported to Telford Council as it is too large to load onto the PET Vehicle.

Newdale pathBy Play AreaUnfortunately fly tipping is becoming more common in the area and both ourselves and Telford Council are having to waste valuable resources removing the rubbish, which this week has included general household waste, sacks of nappies, builders rubble and furniture.

Please also remember that if you pay someone to remove waste from your property they must be licensed to dispose of it properly. If they dump your waste you remain legally responsible for it and can be fined. Fortunately, some of this waste included documents with names and addresses that have been handed to local Enforcement Officers.

If you see any suspicious activity or vehicles which you believe are connected to fly tipping please report it directly to the Police or to the Parish Office.


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