PET Work week commencing 31st October

Work was completed in the following areas:photo0526 photo0528

  • Sprayed the footpath and steps on Cedar Close
  • Strimmed and sprayed the footpath from Grove Road to the M54 Underpass
  • Strimmed alongside the footpath from Rock Road to Overdale
  • Strimmed and pruned the footpath from Rock Road traffic lights to the bridleway path to Bellpit
  • Pruned alongside the footpath on Garfield Road to the M54 bridge
  • Removed glass from Cemetery Road
  • Fixed wire to the edges of the wooden steps on the Rock public open space
  • Strimmed and pruned from the West Centre Way footbridge to Teawell Close
  • Pruned the hedge at the corner of Village Drive and Glendale to improve the sight line for traffic and pedestrians using the crossing
  • Mowed the right of way from the rear of Newdale School to Churchward Drive and along he bridleway to the Rock
  • Put up remembrance poppies around Lawley
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