PET Work completed week commencing 2nd January 2017

Following the Bank Holiday work was completed in the following areas:

  • leaves blown from footpaths and the car park at Hill Fold
  • a small fly tip removed from Hill Fold
  • mud in the alleyway off Grove Road scraped off
  • a small fly tip removed from Grove Road
  • glass removed from the footpath at Woodrush Heath
  • leaves blown from the steps at Acer Close and the wire checked
  • 2 bags of rubbish removed from he bridleway off The Rock
  • a large fly tip on the bridleway off Rock Road, including furniture, reported to TWC for removal
  • footpaths on the routes to Newdale School blown clear of leaves
  • a small fly tip removed from Pepper Mill
  • glass removed from the road at Whitebeam Close, The Rock



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