PET Work week commencing 3rd April

Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Weeding the herb bed and rose bed at the Community Garden
  • Completed the pruning work on Bellpit Road
  • Planted Cornus, Hydrangeas and Hellions in the shrub bed on the Community Gaden
  • Brambles trimmed at the top of Churchward Drive and Teawell Close
  • Shrub bed at the Community Garden barked and shaped

Fly Tipping and littering continues to be an issue in the Parish and the Team completed the following:

  • litter picked from Wrekin Trundle, including a large amount of cans left around the bench
  • fly tip removed from Arleston Lane
  • fly tip of car wheels reported to TWC on Cedar Close
  • fly tip of furniture removed from Rock Road
  • 2 bags of household waste removed from Cemetery Road
  • 5 bags of litter picked from the footpath and embankments on Cemetery Road
  • A TV and smashed glass removed from Arleston Lane
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