PET Work week commencing 24th April

Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Strimmed and pruned along Wrekin Trundle and sprayed weeds
  • Strimmed along the hedgerow from the Trundle to New Works junction
  • Strimmed around the post box at Princes End
  • Edged along the Dawley Road footpath from the Trundle to New Works
  • Sprayed weeds at the car park Princes End
  • removed an overhanging branch from across the footpath at Clips Moor
  • Sprayed weeds from Bartholomew Road to Lawley Village Green
  • Sprayed the alleyway at Grove Road, Overdale
  • cut back brambles on Rockall Way
  • removed a fly tip from Park Road
  • removed debris from West Centre Way

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