Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Removed a small fly tip from Colliers Way
  • Pruned brambles from the footpath at Grove Road, Overdale
  • Ongoing watering at the Community Garden
  • Cut back brambles from Churchward Drive to Teawell Close
  • removed glass from the road at Cedar Close
  • Cut back brambles from Newdale School to the Rock Road crossing
  • Pruned shrubs at the entrance to Marlborough Way
  • Pruned overhang back from the steps at Old Park Pool
  • Crown lifted and pruned cherry trees at Old Park open space
  • Pruning on a large part of the Newdale stretch of Ironbridge Way
  • Cut back roses and brambles from the footpath on West Centre Way
  • Remove weeds and shrubs from the kerb edge at St Helier
  • Pruned hedges off the footpath on Arleston Lane
  • Made safe loose nails in fencing on Ironbridge Way
  • Dead headed roses in the Community Garden
  • Scraped weeds and blown debris clear on Arleston Lane footbridge
  • Scraped weeds and blown debris clear on West Centre Way footbridge
  • Scraped weeds at Cedar Close, Overdale
  • Cut back brambles from Wrekin Trundle path
  • Cleared farrier debris from the path at the rear of Newdale School
  • Crown lifted cherry trees from around the road sign on Rock Road by the Methodist Church

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