Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Pruned the full length of hedge at the Community Garden
  • Dead headed the roses at the Community Garden
  • Edged back the rose bed and re-barked
  • Pruned behind the barrier at Mossey Green motorway bridge
  • Strimmed nettles from the footpath on Rock Road to the traffic lights
  • Cleared the overgrown area at the rear of Princes End play area
  • Cleared overhanging tree branche4s from the length of Pepper Mill footpath
  • Removed a small fly tip from Colliers Way
  • Removed overgrown Rose bay willow from Old Park Way
  • Scraped weeds from the length of wall at Ercall View
  • Cleared glass from the footpath by the M54 bridge
  • Removed a fly tip from Arleston Lane
  • Cut back overhanging brambles at Lawley Gate
  • Repaired a large section of damaged turf by Rockall Way
  • Removed overhang from the path at West Centre Way by Thomas Telford School
  • weeded the flowerbeds at the Community Garden
  • Removed dead fish from the pond at Lawley Village Green
  • Repaired loose wire on the steps at Acer Close

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