What would YOU want from a Community Facility?

What would YOU want from a Community Facility?

We are asking for your views about what, as a community, you would require from a Community Hub IF a local site could be secured.

This would be primarily be a community space rather than a leisure facility, as whilst it was planned that there would be future Community Facilities, such plan didn’t include leisure/sports facilities.

Currently there is limited Community use available at the local Academy, the existing Lawley Community Centre, and a few other providers, but these do not meet the needs of the growing development and we are keen to try and secure more but need to establish what it is that, YOU, the Community would want to see included & would use in the future.

Consequently we are inviting you to comment on our Facebook page or send an email to clerk@lawleyoverdale.org.uk with what you would like to have available in such a building.

Please also share the above information with other residents, so that they too may make their view known.

The closing date for comments to be received is Friday 13th April 2018

Thank you for your interest & participation!

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