Work was completed in the following areas:

  • pruned the herb garden in the Community Garden
  • scraped mud from the Right of Way by Newdale Pond
  • replaced missing dog fouling signs by Newdale Pond
  • removed rubbish from the road on Lawley Drive by the motorway
  • removed an abandoned trolley by Old Park pool
  • removed a fly tip from the bus stop on Colliers Way
  • ruts in the grass verge on Arleston Lane repaired
  • blew debris and swept the footpath on the motorway bridge on Arleston Lane
  • removed an abandoned trolley from the bridleway off Rock Road
  • repaired a fence behind the bus stop on Rock Road
  • reported a number of potholes on West Centre Way to the TWC Call Centre
  • blew debris from the footpath on Lawley Gate bridge
  • blew debris from the steps at Acer Close
  • mowed the path edges in the Community Garden
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