Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Mowed the large open space at Old Park off Park Lane
  • Replace a missing trail marker on the Parish History Trail at Milners Lane
  • Cut back over hang from the alleyway at Grove Road
  • litter picked in the Community Garden
  • Removed broken pine branches and a broken plastic bin from Lawley Playing fields
  • Returned an abandoned trolley from Rock Road to Morrisons
  • removed broken tree branches from the steps at Old Park Pool
  • Pruned buddleia in Dawley Bank by the Bulls Head pub
  • Weeded and swept the path around the bus stop on Glendale by the shop
  • weeded around the shrub and flower beds on the Community Garden
  • removed overhanging branches from the Ironbridge Way path off Rock Road
  • Strimmed around the gate and stile on the Right of Way from Charlecote Park to Newdale
  • Removed a fly tip from the Right of Way to the rear of Newdale Pond
  • Prepared the raised beds for planting at the Community Garden
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