Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Pruned the buddleia by the traffic lights on Arleston Lane
  • Scraped the kerb edge and removed litter from the kerb edge opposite Marlborough Way
  • Blew debris from the steps at Princes End
  • Reported 2 large fly tips on the pitches site off Rock Road
  • repaired ruts in the grass verge off Colliers Way
  • Swept broken glass from the road at Blackbird Close
  • Removed fly tipped scaffolding posts from the grass verge at Cemetery Road
  • removed an abandoned trolley from Old Park Pool
  • Scraped mud from the path on Dawley Road by the garage
  • Removed broken glass and fly tipped compost from Princes End Play Area
  • Blew debris from the path from Bartholomew Road to the Village Green
  • Blew debris from the path at Arleston Lane motorway bridge
  • Blew debris from the Wrekin Trundle path
  • Swept up broken glass from West Centre Way footbridge
  • Blew debris from the alleyway at Grove Road
  • Swept broken glass from the footpath at Colliers Way



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