Work was completed in the following areas:

  • pruned the hedge back from the handrail at Avondale
  • strimmed the path edge on the Ironbridge Way
  • cut back the shrub bed at St Heliers
  • removed a car tyre from Old Office Road
  • removed an abandoned shopping trolley from Rockall Way
  • strimmed the path edge up to West Centre Way footbridge and across the bridge
  • pruned along the wall line at Park Lane, Old Park
  • pruned around Old Park Green
  • pruned around the St Helier street sign
  • cut back bramble at Glendale Gardens
  • sprayed weeds on Ironbridge Way
  • sprayed weeds around the hard standing on Rose Tree Close
  • sprayed weeds on Grove Road alleyway
  • sprayed weeds in the shrub bed and around the bench at Old Park pond
  • removed a shopping trolley from Old Park pond
  • cut back brambles around Lawley Gate bridge
  • weeded around the clock tower
  • cut and removed a broken branch from the pond at Lawley  Village Green
  • cut back overhanging trees around the alleyway at Glendale
  • pruned the roses in the Community Garden
  • swept up broken glass on the Right of Way from Newdale to Arleston Lane
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