The Parish Council Response to Planning Application TWC/2018/0601 – Lawley Development Phases 5 & 9

The Parish Council are concerned at a number of the details included in this application. We have submitted a Call In Notice to Telford and Wrekin Council which means that the application must be formally discussed at Planning Committee.

Extracts from the Call In Notice are below:

To the Chair and Members of Planning Committee; we request that the above application be considered by members at Planning Committee for the following reasons:

  • Highways issues – unacceptable impact of additional traffic on the local road network and the Primary School
  • Public Rights Of Way – 5 well used and long established PROWs are directly affected by the proposals, including the Wrekin Way. 4 are not mentioned in the supporting documentation despite 2 of them being designated safer routes to school and 2 being main pedestrian routes to Lawley Square from The Rock.
  • Community Facilities – no community facility has been provided within the Lawley Development
  • Trees and Landscaping – insufficient and contradictory information submitted regarding the number of trees affected
  • Ground Conditions – site investigation reports accompanying the application are over 6 years old and the site requires further investigation
  • Ecology – insufficient and out of date information provided

We believe that the proposal conflicts with various planning policies including Telford and Wrekin Council’s own Local Plan as follows:

C3 – the cumulative negative impact of 3 major planning applications on Rock Road

NE2 – impact on trees and hedgerows is significant and not adequately mitigated

COM 1 – No new community facility has been provided or proposed as part of the Lawley Development

BE9 – Out of date and inadequate site investigation reports do not demonstrate long term ground stability

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