Work was completed in the following areas:

  • removed a fly tipped chair from Lawley Pond
  • cut off a broken tree branch near Clips Moor
  • cut back brambles in the Lawley Community Garden
  • removed an abandoned shopping trolley on Lawley Drive footpath
  • cut back brambles from around the fence at Newdale School
  • cut back brambles from the footpath at Lawley Drive
  • strimmed and litter picked around the bus stops on Station Road
  • strimmed and blew clear debris from the Public Right of Way off Station Road
  • blew the paths clear of debris and removed a broken branch from the Community Garden
  • strimmed and sprayed the path edges from the end of Park Road to Cemetery Road
  • strimmed around the road sign on Ladygrove
  • strimmed around the railings and cut off a broken branch on  the St Helier side of West Centre Way footbridge
  • strimmed around the bridleway off Gresham Drive
  • removed overhang from around Lawley Village Green pond
  • pruned a wild rose overhanging the footpath at the rear of Newdale School
  • cut back brambles from the footpath at Marlborough Way towards Overdale traffic lights
  • pruned around the road sign at Delamere Close
  • cut back brambles from the footpath from Newdale to the Rock
  • cut back brambles from the Public Right of Way at the rear of Charlecote Park
  • Cut back brambles from the alleyway at the rear of Grove Road
  • Removed wood from the road at Lawley Drive main traffic lights
  • Pruned low branches from the footpath at Milners Lane
  • Removed a fallen branch from the road at Old Park Way
  • litter picked around the pond at Old Park
  • removed a small fly tip from the steps at Acer Close green space
  • cut back overhang from the footpath at Arleston Lane towards the footbridge
  • removed overhang from the footpath off Teawell Close


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