Background to the “There But Not There” Project

The Parish Council be will taking part in the national There But Not There project this year.

There But Not There aims to place transparent silhouettes representing those who were killed in the First World War back within their local communities for Remembrance 2018, the centenary commemoration of the end of the 1914-1918 War.

The project aims to Commemorate, Educate and Heal 

Commemorate those who died in the First World War through installations of silhouettes wherever there is a Roll of Honour.

To Educate all generations, particularly today’s younger generation, born nearly 100 years after the outbreak of WW1, to understand what led to the deaths of 888,246 British and Commonwealth service personnel.

Heal today’s veterans who are suffering from the mental and physical wounds of their service by raising funds to pay for their care and support.


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