Work was completed in the following areas

  • Removed a fly tip of household rubbish from Grove Road, Overdale
  • Removed a fly tip of household rubbish from Cedar Close, Overdale
  • Scraped mud and leaves from the Parking area at Cedar Close, Overdale
  •  Removed glass from the road at Cedar Close, Overdale
  • Scraped mud from the path on the Wrekin Trundle
  • Pruned side growth from trees off Martingale Way
  • Swept broken glass from the road on West Centre Way
  • Pruned the large shrub bed at the top of West Centre Way near St Helier and the footbridge
  • Pruned shrubs from the sight line near the junction of Village Drive and Glendale
  • Pruned overgrowth at the bottom of the Wrekin Trundle blocking the sight line from the car park at St Johns church
  • Reported a damaged road sign on Dawley road to Highways
  • Scraped a large area of grass and mud from the path at the top of Ironbridge Way
  • Litter picked in Lawley Community Garden
  • Removed a large plastic sheet from the carriageway on Lawley Drive
  • Scraped mud from the footpath at Arleston Bridge and swept clear of leaves

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