Residents’ concerns about Parish Precept

We have been contacted by a large number of residents in relation to the information posted on social media by the LVCA quoting our overall precept figures and the parish element of the council tax paid by all households.

The Precept that the Parish Council will receive for 2019/20 is £215,410.00 NOT the highly inflated figure of £450,000.00 as posted. The precept is made up of the base council tax contribution per household across the whole Parish.

In addition, it was quoted that we would receive £120 on a band E property, this in incorrect, we will only receive £ 67.59 (based on a band D) other amounts are proportionate to each banding.

The LVCA were contacted to put the correct information out for residents but this has not been done at the time of posting this. Quoting incorrect figures with no background information or explanation gives a false impression to residents.

The Parish element of the council tax also needs to be made clear to residents as we DO NOT receive the full amount of what is quoted on your bills – it states Parish Council including special fund, which is a premium charge by the Local Authority for street lighting/cemeteries.

Our precept is based on a formula set by the Local Authority using Band D properties as the base line.

For example – a band D property shows on the bill as Lawley & Overdale Parish Council including special fund = £97.45.

The Parish receive a precept based on a Band D property of £67.59 so that means that the additional £29.86 is paid to the Local Authority for special fund.

We have no influence on how this special fund or formulas are worked out or applied.

Please see below the explanation received by Telford & Wrekin Council on this matter:

 Also Please note: For residents in the Stainburn Road area and Phase 1B of the Lawley Development come under Dawley Hamlets Parish Council, and residents should contact them with any queries relating to the Council Tax charges on their bills.

“Local Authority Explanation of Special Fund

In certain areas the Council provides services which in other areas are provided by Parish and Town Councils. There is a Special Council Tax charge for this from the Council.

There are two levels of special fund charge. The basic charge of £0.20 at Band ‘D’ level is chargeable to all Parish and Town Councils in the Special Fund Area.

These are: Dawley Hamlets, Great Dawley, Hollinswood & Randlay, Madeley, Oakengates, St Georges & Priorslee, Stirchley & Brookside, The Gorge, Wellington and Wrockwardine Wood & Trench.

 There is an extra charge of £29.86 at Band ‘D’ to the Parish and Town Councils which have chosen not to take over responsibility for running footway lighting in their areas.

These are: Dawley Hamlets, Great Dawley, Hollinswood & Randlay, Madeley, Oakengates, Stirchley & Brookside, The Gorge, Wellington and Lawley & Overdale. The special fund relates to footway lighting and cemeteries within certain parishes in the urban area.

 We charge cemeteries to all the authorities at £0.20 per band D. For footway lighting that is charged at a flat rate to all those special fund parishes that have not taken on responsibility for it. For 2019/20 this charge will be £29.86 per Band D property. Other property bandings will have the proportionate amount applied.

Full Information can be found here

We hope that this clarifies the Parish Precept and Council Tax contribution queries raised with us.

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