Work was completed in the following areas:

  • swept up glass from the bus stop on Arleston Lane
  • pruned along the bridleway from the bottom of Gresham Drive to Newdale Pond
  • pruned the Wrekin Way behind Newdale School
  • removed overhang from the footpath at the junction of Glendale and New Works
  • painted the sign for the Herb Garden and the bin in the Community Garden
  • mowed the verge on the Wrekin Trundle
  • mowed the edges of the bridleway from West Centre Way to Gresham Drive
  • mowed the verge on the footpath from Teawell Close to the Wrekin Way
  • mowed around the bench the litter bins and the entrance at Bellpit Open Space
  • mowed the verge and cleared debris from the path on the Wrekin Way around Newdale
  • blew debris from the steps at Old Park open space
  • painted marker sign 25 on the History Trail
  • strimmed and blew debris from around the steps at Acer Close Open Space
  • strimmed around the handrail and blew debris from Avondale to Station Road
  • strimmed around the bus stops on Station Road
  • strimmed and pruned low branches at both entrances to Princes End Open Space
  • sprayed weeds around the bollards at Croft Fold
  • strimmed and blew debris from the path edges around Old Park pond
  • swept bark back onto the shrub beds at Old Park pond
  • Swept up broken glass from the footpath at Valley Road

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