Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Picked up an abandoned Matalan trolley from Arleston Lane by the motorway bridge
  • Community Garden litter picked
  •  Grass verges on the Wrekin Trundle mowed
  • Mowed around the bridleway entrance off West Centre Way
  •  Cut the grass at Prince’s End car park
  • Mowed the grass on the footpath from The Rock to the rear of Newdale School
  • Removed an abandoned  Asda trolley off the footpath above
  • Mowed around bins and bench at the entrance to Bellpit Open Space
  • Mowed the verge on the Wrekin Way behind Newdale School and blew clear of debris
  • Mowed the grass verge on the path from Ironbridge Way to Charlecote Park
  • Picked up a fly tipped broken bicycle from the bottom of Rock Road
  • Overdale wild flower beds raked and stone picked
  • Lawley Drive wild flower beds raked and stone picked
  • Picked up an abandoned Tesco trolley under the tram bridge off Ironbridge Way
  • Dragged out an abandoned Asda trolley from Old Park pond
  •  Removed a fly tipped child’s pushchair from the footpath at Princes End Play Area
  • Sprayed the path edges on the Wrekin Trundle
  • Sprayed the fence line  on the Wrekin Way at the rear of Newdale school
  • Sprayed the verge on the Rock Road bridleway
  • Sprayed weeds under the privet hedges on Arleston Lane
  • Sprayed the hard standing area in St Saviour Close and St Heliers Drive
  • Weeded all areas in the Community Garden
  •  Pruned and sprayed the footpaths and beds around Old Park pond
  • Tidied up following the tractor mow on Lawley Playing Fields
  • Blown grass and debris on Bellpit Open Space after tractor mowing
  • Put new batteries in the SID on Milners Lane
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