Work was completed in the following areas:

  • A large Fly tip of white goods on Arleston Lane has been reported to TWC for removal
  • Collected Street Champion blue bags at Glendale
  • Dead headed roses in Lawley Community Garden
  • Tidied up the herb bed and edged around planters, roses and herbs
  • Cut back overhanging brambles off the entrance to Ladygrove
  • Cut back brambles off the footpath at the top of Ironbridge Way
  • Sprayed weeds in the alleyway from Glendale to Lawley playing fields
  • Sprayed around the entrance to the bridleway off West Centre Way
  • Cut back brambles overhanging the footpath at the bus stop on Rock Road
  • Cut back brambles overhanging Acer Close steps
  • Blew paths clear of debris following the tractor mowing on Overdale playing fields, Lawley Village Green, Bellpit Open Space and Lawley playing fields
  • Cut back brambles over the footpath at the front of Bartholomew Road
  • Cut back brambles over the footpath on Lawley Drive
  • Strimmed around the two bus stops on Station Road
  • Strimmed, litter picked, sprayed and blew clear of debris at the alleyway on Hill Fold
  • Swept builders rubble from the car parking bays in Wakeley Drive and Hill Fold
  • Reported fly tipped asbestos to TWC for removal from the car park at Wakeley Drive
  • Strimmed, and sprayed weeds at the old garage site at Wakeley Drive
  • Sprayed Old Park Green shrub beds
  • Sprayed around the shrub bed at Old Park pond
  • Cut off an overhanging branch blocking the footpath on Cemetery Road
  • Strimmed and sprayed around the bus stop on Dawley Road opposite Village Drive
  • Strimmed and sprayed around the entrances to Lawley Playing Fields
  • Swept bark back onto the shrub bed at Dawley Bank shop
  • Reported trees blocking the streetlight on Arleston Lane to TWC for remedial work
  • Cut up and removed a fallen ash tree branch on Arleston Lane near Bartholomew Road


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