Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Swept up broken glass from the road on West Centre Way near the town centre
  • Sowed wildflower seed in the flower beds at Lawley Drive, Arleston Lane, Overdale and on Lawley Village Green
  • Painted the handrail on the footbridge entrance to Lawley Community Garden
  • Painted 2 benches and 2 planters in Lawley Community Garden
  • Painted bollards on Lawley Village Green
  • Mowed the grass verge on Wrekin Trundle
  • Mowed along the bridleway from West Centre Way crossing to Gresham Drive
  • Mowed the verge along Rock Road bridleway
  • Mowed around the bench, bins and the entrance to Bellpit Open Space
  • Cut back the hedge to improve the sight line at The Rock junction with Rock Road.
  • Mowed the verge on the Wrekin path at the rear of Newdale School
  • Removed a fly tipped cupboard from the side of the road on Arleston Lane
  • Cut back overhang from the footpath on Arleston Lane
  • Cut back overhang from the bridleway near Newdale Pool
  • Hard pruned shrubs at the entrance to Bartholomew Road to improve the sight line for pedestrians crossing the road
  • Sprayed weeds on the gravel strip around the island on Lawley Drive at Lawley Gate
  • Litter picked the Play Area at the caravan park on Dawley Road and scraped moss off the tarmac
  • Cut off an overhanging branch from the footpath on Colliers Way
  • Removed a dumped ALDI trolley from the footpath on Old Office Road

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