Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Cleared up broken branches in the Community garden after high winds at the weekend
  • Pruned back overgrowth from the path around to Old Park pool off The Crest
  • Pruned brambles from around the bench at Old Park pond
  • Pruned overhanging roses from the hedge at the front of St Heliers
  • Pruned around the hedge at the entrance from Bartholomew Road to Lawley Village Green
  • Pruned inside and outside the long Community garden hedge off Tom Morgan Close
  • Removed a dumped B&Q trolley from the top of West Centre Way near Colliers Way
  • Picked up a large metal sheet from the middle of road at Old Park roundabout
  • Removed a dumped Asda trolley from Old Park pond
  • Cut back overhang from the footpath at the rear of Thomas Telford School
  • Cut back brambles from the right of way at The Rock
  • Cut back brambles over hanging the footpath down Rock Road
  • Removed a fly tipped baby’s play pen from Rock Road
  • Pruned the privet hedges along Arleston Lane
  • Removed a dumped TK Maxx trolley from Old Office Road

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