Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Removed a fly tipped child’s paddling pool from Arleston Lane
  • Removed a broken car headlight from the middle of Dawley Road
  • Blew debris from the alleyway at Glendale leading to the Village Green
  • Blew debris from the footpath around Glendale bus stop
  • Blown leaves from the footpath from Bartholomew Road to Lawley Village Green
  • Blew debris from the footpath from Park Road to Cemetery Road
  • Blown debris from the footpath in front of the Cemetery on Cemetery Road
  • Swept up broken glass from the road at Old Park island
  • Trimmed the long hedge in the Community Garden
  • Pruned back around the entrance to Lawley Playing Fields from Glendale
  • Replaced the worn No 15 History Trail marker just off the Ironbridge Way in Newdale
  • Cut back lavender in Lawley Community Garden
  • Cut ivy from the base of trees on Old Park Village Green
  • Strimmed around the old tram bridge in Newdale
  • Strimmed behind railings at the footbridge over West Centre Way,
  • Blew debris from the footpath from West Centre Way footbridge to St Heliers
  • Strimmed and litter picked the fence line on the footpath on Milners Lane opposite the Co-op
  • Strimmed and litter picked around the two bus stops on Station Road
  • Following a request from a resident pruned the side of the hedge overhanging the footpath to the side of Co-op on Milners Lane to allow better wheelchair access
  • Pruned overhang from the footpath top of Ironbridge Way on Dawley Road
  • Collected shrubs and bedding plants from Priorslee Garden Centre ready for planting at the war memorial site
  • Cleaned out and replanted the planters in the Community Garden with new bedding and watered in
  • Planted new plants on the hard standing area near Lawley War Memorial


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