Work was completed in the following areas:

  • Cleared a large fallen branch blocking the footpath on Dawley Road
  • Litter picked around Lawley Community Garden
  • Blew footpaths clear of beech tree husks around Glendale shop and bus stop
  • Blew leaves and debris off the footpath from Lawley Green to Bartholomew Road
  • Blew leaves and debris off the footpath from West Centre Way footbridge to St Heliers
  • Cleared debris and leaves from the designated school route from Marlborough Way to Overdale traffic lights
  • Blew leaves from the footpath from Park Road to Cemetery Road
  • Cleared leaves from the wall line at the front of Dawley Bank cemetery
  • Cleared leaves from the footpath at Glendale pedestrian crossing and around the Circle
  • Blew leaves and debris off the footpath from Rock Road to The Rock
  • Cleared leaves from the steps at Acer Close
  • Cleared leaves and fallen branches from around Lawley Community Garden
  • Cleared grass from the footpaths at Lawley Village Green after the tractor mowing
  • Removed two dead trees from the hardstanding area at the side of the Grazing Cow
  • Dead headed roses in Lawley Community Garden
  • Landscaped and planted up around the War Memorial at Newdale
  • War Memorial hard standing area – Weeded and scraped the hardstanding area off Gresham Drive, blew the area clear of debris, pruned the privets and tidied the shrub beds
  • Assisted with a litter pick on the play area at the travellers site off Dawley Road
  • Reported a large flytip for removal from land at Newdale


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