Urgent support available for the self employed

The following press release was forwarded to Lawley and Overdale Parish Council on behalf of the tax charities TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People. It discusses how they can help self-employed people with submitting their 2018/19 tax returns, in order to be eligible for the Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

Press release

An informational poster from Tax Aid. It explains that if you are self-employed and need help getting your 2018/2019 tax return submitted, you should call 0345 120 3779, and have your National Insurance number, Unique Taxpayer reference, and your total income and expenses from your self-employment between 6 April 2018 and 5 April 2019. You have until 23rd April to submit, to meet the government's deadline to be eligible for coronavirus support.

Every year the tax charities TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People provide support to thousands of individuals who find themselves in situations of debt and anxiety. We help to lift that burden, we can deal with HMRC on their behalf and we can help to make sense of things for them, so that the same mistakes don’t happen again.

Right now, our particular focus is on helping the self-employed, to ensure that those who are eligible are able to tap into the available financial support through the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. Part of that eligibility is making sure that the 2018/19 tax returns have been submitted by 23 April. That is now less than a week away.

We know that if the tax return is already late, that person is probably struggling and needs help. If you know of someone that needs our help, please let them know we are here and can take their call.

Our helpline is 0345 120 3779 and it is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We are taking calls about the eligibility for the government grant as well as tax queries and we can help complete and submit tax returns for the individuals who need it.

Thank you.

TaxAid and Tax Help for Older People

Email: taxvol@taxvol.org.uk

Helpline: 0345 120 3779

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