Telford & Wrekin Council update on thunderstorms and floods

Councillor Lee Carter, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood, Commercial Services & Regeneration at Telford & Wrekin Council, has issued an update on the recent storms and the subsequent flooding, along with information on how those affected can get help.

There was very heavy rain over Telford and Newport between 8pm and 11pm, and then another heavy band between 1am and 2am, mostly focused on the north of the borough.  The radar graphic below illustrates that Newport may have received up to 75mm of rain in places over approximately a 3 hour period. Wellington, Central and Northern Telford all look to have received up to 35mm in places.

A radar image showing the heavy rain received by Newport and northern Telford

In advance of the storms, we provided additional out of hours crews on standby from Balfour Beatty, and had crews out on the network responding to issues last night.  In advance we also focused attention on cleansing gullies in hot spot locations and have been sweeping following previous periods of heavy rainfall to limit debris blocking up the drainage systems.

This is a dynamic situation at the moment as more information is being provided to us but I outline the issues we are currently aware of for your information:

The following roads are currently closed (we will review through the day):

  • Hadley Road, Oakengates
  • Chetwynd Road, Newport
  • B4394 (alscott) – Blacksmiths lane to rail bridge
  • Boughey Road – in vicinity Gravelly Drive

We are aware of highway damage resulting from flood damage across the network and we will repair as soon as possible.

There were also significant issues at:

  • A41 – Chester Road – Standford Bridge
  • Waterloo Road Ketley – Wrens nest
  • Arleston Lane near traffic lights
  • Trench Lock – Lane closures by Jungleland on Trench Lock Circulatory
  • A518 floods by Hortonwood
  • B5062 – Multiple floods in Edgmond and bottom Cheney hill
  • Hall Park Way
  • Asda Donnington – Flooded
  • Dobbies Donnington – Flooded


We opened our stores in Ketley to residents for sandbags around midnight; there are some left and we are now limiting to five bags per household to maximise what we have left.  We are also trying to replenish stocks as quick as we can.

The team delivered sandbags to 23 properties last night, and members of the highways team were providing flood sacks to properties where they could.

Street Cleansing

We are currently sweeping as much of the flooded areas as possible; this will also include footway sweeping

  • Whitchurch Drive – Tesco to Ketley Brook Island and Ketley Brook to Haybridge roundabout
  • Wrekin Retail Park entrance
  • Chetwynd Road, Newport
  • Waterloo Road – Ketley
  • A41 –Sambrook to Marsh Lane
  • Dale End footways
  • Hadley Road, Oakengates
  • B4394 (Alscott)
  • Boughey Road
  • Buildwas Road

Our teams were out doing what they could in very challenging conditions last night, and are working through the issues today as quickly as possible.

You can report any issues using the Drainage and Flooding online form, or by calling 01952 384000.

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