Help avoid a local lockdown

An urgent appeal has been issued by Telford & Wrekin Council to help avoid a local lockdown.

The appeal comes after an increase in the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in the borough, with  24 cases being reported during 10th – 16th August. The latest official figures will be released tomorrow, but the borough council is asking for the public to act now.

If you have symptoms please isolate, dial 999 and get tested. To contain an outbreak, if you are contacted by the NHS’s Test and Trace or the Council’s Public Health Protection Team and you are a direct contact, you must isolate for 14 days.

To stop the spread to the wider community please:

  • Keep 2 metres apart when outside 
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds
  • Wear a face mask when out in public (such as shopping or on public transport)
  • Keep your contacts to a minimum
  • If you socialise indoors, please do it with only 1 other household

Help stop the spread.

For more details on the local Test and Trace procedures please visit Telford & Wrekin Council


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