Ghost hunters needed in Overdale

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have hampered many planned Halloween events such as trick or treating, unfortunately ghosts ain’t afraid of no virus. With All Hallows’ Eve rapidly approaching, one Overdale resident has decided to organise a COVID-safe way for local young residents to go ghostbusting on the spookiest night of the year.

Ellen Palmer collecting Halloween donations from Asda. A member of staff is handing over a large tray of assorted sweets

Ellen Palmer collecting donations from Asda.

Ellen Palmer, from Overdale, decided to arrange the Overdale Halloween Ghost Hunt in the hopes this will not only tackle the alarming rise of hauntings in the area at this time of year, but also give the children living there something fun to do.

“My lot LOVE Halloween but with the current situation I wouldn’t take them trick or treating,” Ellen explained in a Facebook post. So she sought volunteers to help her arrange an alternative – a ghost hunt around Overdale.

Starting at midday on Saturday 31 October, the Overdale Halloween Ghost Hunt will see children following a trail of clues, which will lead them to find the various spectres lurking around Overdale.

Once the young ghostbusters have recorded the locations of the spooks plaguing the parish, they will be rewarded for their bravery with goody-bags full of sweets, chocolates, and other Halloween-appropriate treats.

The treats have kindly been donated by various local residents and businesses, including Asda Donnington, Wilkinsons in Wellington and Overdale Stores. Lawley and Overdale Parish Council was happy to donate a few goodies to the cause as well.

To keep things safe and maintain social distancing, Ellen has drawn up a schedule of time slots for children to come and collect their Halloween goody-bags.

If you want to take part in the Overdale Halloween Ghost Hunt, or have something you’d like to donate to the event, send Ellen Palmer a message on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook, contact us and we’ll be happy to relay a message on your behalf.

And if you’re organising your own Halloween event for children within the parish, get in touch and let us know!

UPDATE 27/10/2020: The Overdale Halloween Ghost Hunt is now fully booked, Ellen Palmer announced on Facebook. “97 kids are in for a treat”, she added.

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