Improvements around the parish

Our Parish Environmental Team (PET), as part of the Community Action Team (CAT), has been out and and about at Lawley Gate and the community garden this week, doing a spot of routine maintenance, weeding, and cleaning.

Our PET operative’s first stop was Lawley Gate, where some moss had gone climbing up the bank. Not for long, though – our PET operative dragged it right down to the ground again before sending it on its way.

Next up was the community garden, where a couple of jobs needed doing. A raised bed needed a little TLC, until our PET operative got it cleaned out and ready for planting.

Finally, dogs of the parish rejoice – fresh bark was spread around several areas that needed it!

Our PET operative is always out and about working on problems like this in the parish. Please let us know if you find any spots that need work!

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